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Finally, most of the big sport company use famous sportmen or girls to promote their products.

Obviously, the aim is to use and take advantage of their celebrities to push the products towards the consumers.

Indeed, using sportiv in the ad is the best way to increase the sells and to prove to the consumers that the products are of quality and they can trust in.
Otherwise, more and more famous sportmen want to do ads to get as much money as possible. Moreover, they can develop their image.

To conclude, we can say that this sport ads are as much beneficial for the companies than for the sportmen…..


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Adidas ad : “What an expensive ad”

I have chosen this ad to show you the budget that adidas devote for the advertising. Indeed, in this ad, the real best football players in the world are present. It’s amazing how adidas can gather these personnalities in one ad.

Maybe, with a lot of money, isn’t it?

Furthermore, it’s unbelievable like they can find double of Platini and Beckenbauer… they seem to be real in the ad. Well done Adidas!!!

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Adidas ad: “what a attractive ad!!”

I have chosen to put this ad in my blog because i found it very cool and very attractive.

The advertisers were very clever to use this kind of humour. The ad keeps our attention easily and i think it was difficult to prepare and to implement this ad.

Moreover, the advertisers did this scenario in accordance with the slogan which is “impossible is nothing”. They refered to the war and the impossibility to win alone against a mass of wariors.

Adidas use to do good ads and use all the time their slogan and the idea of the surpassing of oneself.

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PS2: “A good one”

This Play Sation 2 ad about the promotion of a game is well thinking and actually not difficult to be thinking…

Indeed, the game consists in playing to virtual sport games on TV and doing the movements on the air.

The advertisers decided to show people without ball or material which allow them to practise their sport.

I think it’s actually a good idea because it’s funny and keep the eyes of the people.

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NBA Live 08: “A pretty strange ad”

This ad was created to attract the consumers into buying the new basketball game “NBA live 08”.

Personnaly, i find this ad pretty simple and difficult to be undertsood. Actually, it’s difficult to distinguish the two guys in the ad because they drop their head. It’s not an attractive and dynamic ad and it doesn’t appeal clearly the consumers.

In my mind, the advertisers should’ve play in the verbal expression of the basketball players because it’s hard to hear them with the noise of the ball. Moreover, we don’t understand why the guy on the left repeat the sentences, there is no meaning!!!

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Market survey:”Which are the preffered sport?”

I did a market survey i managed at school on a small sample of students. I analyzed it but the figures were difficult to interpret. Indeed, it was difficult to browse responses because my questions were not bind.

Here, the analyze i did:

· Concerning the first question which is about the type of sport the people preferred, 55.8% preferred the individual sport against 48.2% for the collective.

· All the respondents were students because the questionnaire was managed within the Management School. They all are between 19 and 25 years old.

· Also, 15.4% of the respondents don’t practise sport because they don’t have enough time, they have health’ problems or they are not sportive.

The other 84.6% who practise a sport do it for more than 10 years. 32.6% of the students do a sport for less than 5 years and 27.9% practise a sport between 5 and 10 years.

· In the question, “how often do you practise a sport per week?”, 38.6% of the respondents practise twice per week whereas 36.4% do sport once per week. We can precise that 11.4% of the students practise sport more than three times.

· 84.3% of the students practise sport because it’s energetic and we can relate this number with the fact that the people practise sport twice per week and it’s enough according to them.

· 51% of the respondents do sport due to the entertainment and 47.1% for the surpassing of oneself.

· The fact that 38.8% of the students like the swimming as favourite sport shows that the majority of them prefer the individual sport. Indeed, the three main practised sports by the students are individual. We also have tennis and ping-pong with 34.7%

The respondents were for 55.8% female and for 44.2% male

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Awesome Nike Ad- All sports

This ad is actually awesome because it shows numerous sports from the most famous to the less.

Nike doesn’t hesitate to be present in all categories of sports and try to propose a ad which touch as most people as possible.

Indeed, the advertisers don’t use famous sportiv in this ad but would aim a wide target audience.

The sales message of this ad could be: ” Come buy our products, we sell the best for you!!!”

The slogan “just do it” is created to attract people to do sport and to influence them to buy Nike’s products….

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Gillette ad: “The best a man can get”

As a said in my blog presentation, more and more firms use sportiv personnalities to promote their innovation.

In this ad, we have an international brand, actually an american brand which was based in Boston, in Massachusetts. This brand has penetrated the european markets and developped his products in calling upon several famous people like David Beckham recently and in this ad, the three best sportsmen in their respective sport : Thierry Henry, Tiger Woods and Roger Federer

Indeed, one more time, this ad prove to us that the international firms grant a big part of their budget to the communication. We all know that the promtion is definitely the most important “p” of the Marketing Mix…

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SPORT PERSONALITIES: What’s the aim? We all Know!!!

In my blog, I’m going to present and explain you some advertisings about sports. Indeed, i want to analyse these ads because the advertisers have usually good ideas to promote their brands.

Actually, they don’t hesitate to call personnalities to represent these even if it could be expensive. The aim is to touch as much sportiv as possible in showing famous sportiv wearing their brand.

Moreover, personnalities are a good way to communicate and more and more firms decide to use them to present their innovation even though these firms are not specialized in sport.

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Nike ad analysis

In this ad, the marketers use a humour sense to attract the consumers. Actually, it’s a good idea to promote a brand with a great number of famous football players, especially the best in the world like Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Figo, Totti…The fact to use these pesonnalities can attract people to buy their products.

Something unbelievable is that the brand should spend a lot of money to do this ad because we know that the communiaction is usually expensive and the sportsmen request a lot of money to do advertisings.Indeed, it’s actually very expensive to do a stunt, moreover if you want to do a TV ad.

Otherwise, the fact to represent the brand just with football players could be a mistake because the audience might be limited. But, we know that Nike have a lot of money and they can do such a ad because football is one of the most famous sport in the world. Actually, numerous sportsmen in different sports are sponsored by this brand and are likely to do the same kind of ads

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